Saturday, 14 April 2012

Remove Virus From Pendrive

Remove Virus From Pendrive

Pen drives are very useful in data transfer. Especially in back up the data and very useful tool for storage and very easy to transfer data from one system to other (no network connectivity). Also the the pen drives are vulnerable to virus. While connecting to various computer there is a risk of having various virus in the pen drives.

One of Main virus that affecting pen drive is New Folder. Exe. How to remove new folder .exe virus in computer is discussed in another post published before. .
The New folder .exe virus
Task Manager is disabled, Registry Editor is disabled,Taking too much time for accessing pen drive. Uses half of your computers processing power

While Searching over web I found an interesting tool that easily removes this virus. Just download the tool from the below link. Run the exe by double clicking on it

The in the application
Click on Delete autorun.inf
Then click on delete virus from usb (remove virus from usb). This will remove the virus from pen drive
You can also restore the task manager registry editor by clicking on “Restore windows Default settings”

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