Friday, 13 April 2012

Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee constituted under the Chairmanship of CGM, PLI to consider the issues related to Postmen
SGFNPO & GS NAPEC met the Following Officers on 11th & 12 April.
1) Chair Person
2) Member(P)
3) Member(HRD)
4) DDG(P)
5) DDG(R&P)
6) DDG( Establishment)
7) DDG(Training)
Out Come of the Meeting:
a) Cadre Restructuring:
Reply: Cadre restructuring meeting will be held shortly with Staff side by DDG(P).
b) Irregularities Pointed out by FNPO/NAPEC in Gradation List(LSG/PM Cadre) in UP Circle:
Reply: Orders will be issued by DDG(P) to remove the discrepancies.
c) Training to LGO:
Reply: Orders dated 9.01.2012 will be reiterated. Orders will be issued to Circles to Open More Local training Centres or Rudimentary training will be given to LGOs and they will be Posted immediately as PA/SA in Post offices/RMS as the case may be.
d) Welfare Board Meeting will be conducted by MOC&IT in 2nd Week of May -2012. Date is not yet decided.
e) Sport Board meeting will be held on 1st week of June at Hyderabad.
f) Casual Labourer: The report submitted by the then CPMG(Assam) will be placed before Postal Board.
g) Post Man Committee: Orders will be issued on agreed points in the committee meeting.

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