Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Regarding RTs

Dear Comrades, The following Letter has been addressed to the Supdt.of Post Offices, Guntur Division, Guntur-522007, regarding rotational transfers....

-No/RT/12-‘13/                                                                                 dtd 12-03-‘12


                                  Sub:- Rotational Transfers for 12-’13 –reg.,

                                  Ref: - SPO’s Memo No. BI/II/RT/2012     dtd 3-03-‘12

                    With  reference to SPO’s Memo cited above, issued in connection with Rotational Transfers for 12-’13, our union would like to bring the following to your kind notice for redressel.

  1. Only name of the offices in which posts are lying vacant have been shown without showing the number of vacancies of PAs lying vacant in the particular offices which is likely to effect the choices of the officials.Hence, the number of vacant posts of PAs  ( office wise ) or otherwise may also please be circulated for the convenient of the aspirants.

  1. The list of the Long Standing officials in the popular stations may please be supplied to all the offices and in order to facilitate the long standing officials to opt for their choice of places in the event of considering the long pending requests of the officials to popular stations.

                Hence, for  immediate redressel for which our union will be grateful to you, Sir.

                                  Thanking you, Sir,

Guntur,                                                                    Yours faithfully,
12-03-‘12                                                              Sd/-
                                                                              (N. Joseph Kumar)

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