Monday, 30 March 2015

Dear colleagues,
Our Federation receiving calls from Circle/ Divisional/Branch secretaries on submission of Membership forms on 30th April 2015. In this connection we want give following information to you.
There are 2 issues before us.
1)Inclusion of New Members to our union in the month of April every year.
2)Verification of Membership 2015.
 Both are different issues.
 1 is regular process to include new Member or other union member (only) to our union every year.
2 isVerification of membership every 5 year for which we have to obtain signatures from all Members irrespective of old & new.
For no 1 you can use old forms.
For no 2 new form will be issued by the Dte in the month of April 2015 
2)Federal Secretariat meeting.
Federal Secretariat meeting will be held in Mumbai on18/04/2015 under the chairmanship of Shri T.N Rahate President of FNPO.
Subjects to be discussed in the meeting are furnished below.
1) Strike from May 6.
2)Parliament March on 28thApril 2015.
3)Verification of Membership 2015.
4)Any other subject permission with the  chair.
All General secretaries are requested to come Mumbai on 17th evening or 18th morning before 10a.m..
Venue of the meeting will be intimated latter by Mail to all General Secretaries.
3)DOP Mobile Money Transfer ServiceCLICK HERE TO SEE  DETAILS
Minimum Wage of Rs.26000- and Open Ended Pay Scales


During 2 days deliberations on 23rd & 24th March, 2015, the JCM (Staff Side) delegation have pleaded before the 7th Central Pay Commission to recommend minimum wage of Rs. 26,000/- per month on the basis of 15th ILC Norms/ Aykroyd Formula. Some of the important submissions made before the Pay Commission are listed below:
. Wage ratio between the lowest and highest should be 1:8.
. Revised pay scales and allowances should be given effect from 01/01/2014.
. 3.7 multiplication factor should be applied to arrive at the revised pay. Special Pay concept should be restored back.
. HRA should be revised to 60%, 40% and 20% of pay for ‘X’ ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ class localities/ cities respectively.
. Children Education Allowance should be revised and extended to cover higher studies
. Increment rate should be 5% of pay.
. Five promotions during service.
. Special Duty Allowance for North Eastern Region be revised to 37-1/2%.
. House Building Amount should be increased and interest rate should be reduced.
. 6ti CPC Anomalies may be got addressed through a special mechanism.
. Flexi timings for women employees besides additional leave facilities etc.,
Pay Commission was urged to recommend panty in Pension.
. Minimum Pension should be fixed at 67% of last pay drawn.
. Gratuity amount should be upwardly revised.
All the issues contained in the JCM memorandum were explained to the Commission with cogent logic, merits and Precedents. S/Shri M. Raghavaiah, Leader JCM (Staff Side), Guman Singh. NFIR President, R.P. Bhatnagar, Working President and B.C. Sharma, Joint General Secretary have participated in the deliberations.

 I) 7th Pay Commission meeting with JCM Staff Side on 23rd and 24th March 2015 – Brief of the meeting given by Secretary (Staff Side) 
II)  PJCA   CIRCULAR dated 26/03/2015
Congratulation to Shri M. krishanan  for becoming  standing committee member (National Council JCM)
Today  our Federation given evidence before the 7th CPC . 
The following General Secretaries / office bearers are present their views before the 7th CPC . S/Shri D.Theagarajan.T.N.Rahate.
D.Kishanrao.N.Ramappa.OP/Kanna.K.Sivadasan.Devenderakumar,Pawankumar joshi,and   Jagdiesh.
Our Federation submitted GDS Memorandum  before the Commission.
Chairmen has taken copy of the cadre restructuring committee report on the following cadres.
Postal and RMS, MMS and Civil Electrical from us .He assured that he will call for the report from the department.
FNPO hopes that 7th CPC will accept our important demands .
FNPO's presentation before the 7th CPCClick here to view the presentation
Today SGFNPO along with President Shri T.N.Rahate and General Secretary R-4 Shri N. Ramappa met the following Officers:
1)  Member (P)
2)  DDG (Pet)
3)  DDG (Estate)

     The outcome of the meeting:
 1)  LGO results will be declared in the Ist week of April
 2)  PA/SA results of the Maharashtra circle will be released shortly
 3)  Observation of GDS substitutes in Andhra circle will be examined.

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