Sunday, 4 November 2012

  Member (O) called meeting on 02/11/2012 to discuses L1&L2 issues with staff side.  Staff side was represented by SG FNPO, SG NFPE &Staff side leader.
The following issues were discussed .
1)      Transfer of officials from L2 offices to L1 offices.
2)      Conversation  more L2 offices in to L1.
3)      Stop merger/closure of sets .
4)      Filling up all Norm based posts LSG,HSG II,HSG I Posts.
5)      Changing the administrative jurisdiction of all speed posts hubs to RMS.
Official side has not given any positive reply ,details of the meeting will be published our RMS SENTIENEL.  
SG FNPO Met  DDG (esst), Director (staff) Director(M.V.) out come of the meeting.
Cadre restructuring : Report will be submitted by the chairman within 2 weeks.
MMS Cadre restructuring : Report will be submitted to the Secretry next week by the Chairperson .
Filling up the HSG I Posts: RR will be finalized soon.
GDS issues: No improvement.
Casual Laborers issues: Official side will call meeting shortly to discuss the issues with 2 Federations.
Secretary Department of  Posts given approval absorb all the Temporary Casual Laborers of Chennai sorting Division and Chennai Airmail sorting Division based Madras High court judgment. Orders will be issued to the Tamilnadu circle next week by the Directorate.

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